..Published: November 20, 2015


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How to Create a Slick Easy to Use VIEW COUNTER Like YouTube For Your Website

StatCounter: http://www.statcounter.com

In this quick and easy tutorial, you will learn how to create an easy to use html text based view counter that can be implemented very easily into your website or blog or pretty much anywhere you like. Hope this was helpful, See ya next weekend


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10/11/15 (PINNED)

Hey guys welcome to the my new site. As you can probably tell, the domain sportsfan1100.net isn't active anymore and that the new domain that you got to this website from is called taylorstutorials.com. Well there is a reason for that. I decided to start changing sportsfan1100 and making it more of a serious tutorial netowork. While I will be still uploading great tutorials to sportsfan1100's YouTube account, I decided to also start creating a network of different people's tutorials that can all be located on this website. What I hope to do with this website is create a bigger community than I did with sportsfan1100.net and that is where this website will come into play.


11/14/15 - New Tutorials Hopefully Every Week!

So after a long absense, I have finally come back strong. I will be uploading weekly hopefully. I have a lot of ideas for videos and I will be making them. They will not be just for video editing, graphics, or web design either. I will be making tutorials for everything. Stay tuned every weekend for a new tutorial!


10/21/15 - New Tutorials on Their Way!

A new tutorial has not been posted in pretty much a year. That is going to change and I promise. I have a lot of tutorials planned and they will be posted as soon as I have time. Honestly I will probably record some new ones this weekend and then have them posted the following week. As for other channels, I will be trying to feature tutorials as soon as I get this website up and running with a decent audience.


10/11/15 - Some Other News

I will also be turning the tutorials into a more interactive module. I always advertised videos on my website and encouraged them to be watched on my website for a while and now I would actually like to have a purpose for that. That is why, I will be adding a checklist for everything you will need along with project files for certain video editing tutorials and I guess dreamweaver/photoshop tutorials as well.

I also want to talk about the chat box. A big reason why sportsfan1100.net doesn't exist anymore is because of chatbox spamming. That is why THE CHATBOX WILL ONLY BE USED FOR QUESTIONS/COMMENTS AND NOT SPAMMING. I really want the comments box to be a dubbed as a Support Form hence the name above the chatbox. Please post tutorial ideas as well as that would be very beneficial to my creativity level. Spamming and comments that are inappropriate to this website will be reported and deleted. Thank you guys







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